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#8 - 1225 East Keith Road, North Vancouver, British Columbia, V7J 1J3, Canada,  
                          Tel: (604) 986-7723, Fax: (604) 986-7734


                                     We Take Pride in the Work we do.

Our design philosophy is to work with nature to develop the best possible environmental control systems while taking full advantage of any natural attributes at the site.

Our goal in landfill design is to develop operating strategies and closure concepts that will utilize on-site materials and return the land to an attractive and productive state, while minimizing the risk of post closure leachate impacts on the environment. Examples of this natural control approach include leachate minimization through surface water diversion and progressive closure at Penticton, hydraulic trap leachate collection systems at Hartland Landfill in Victoria and Hope and natural control clay barriers at the Knockholt Landfill in Houston and the Bailey Road Landfill in Chilliwack. In each case, use of natural attributes has resulted in a significant reduction in capital costs by eliminating the need for an engineered leachate barrier.

We are well-versed in environmental regulations and are familiar with operational requirements and economic constraints at small and large landfills in B.C. communities, including capital constraints, bear problems and winter operations.



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