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Dr. Iqbal H. Bhuiyan, P.Eng.

Sr. Environmental Engineer

Dr. Iqbal H. Bhuiyan, P.Eng. Ph.D,. has been working with Sperling Hansen Associates (SHA) since February 2007. With his effective management skills, Dr. Bhuiyan successfully managed numerous landfill engineering projects and developed good relation with the clients. He demonstrated his proficiency in solid waste management, landfill design, landfill leachate, landfill gas management, water resources and stormwater management, leachate and wastewater treatment and monitoring, slope stability analysis and groundwater modelling. Dr. Bhuiyan exhibits talent for consistently improving operational quality standards through research and creative thinking and thus acquired considerable knowledge of the Federal and Provincial Acts and Regulations relating to environmental management. His ability to critically review the cost-benefits and sustainability of projects and apply business models to evaluation of projects, work proposals, and facility plans provide significant cost savings. Dr. Bhuiyan leads SHA proposal team and prepared numerous winning proposals. Dr. Bhuiyan also has specialized skills in preparing tender documents and administering construction projects to complete them within budget and schedule.

Dr. Bhuiyan performed his PhD research at the University of British Columbia in nutrient removal from Waste water. While doing his Masters, he worked as a trainee in Rignland Waterboard, The Netherlands, where he developed a groundwater model to manage the seepage from a dune area near the North Sea. He has several publications in scientific peer reviewed journals and is a frequent presenter at seminars and symposiums.
He has had extensive and varied prior experience working with implementation, management, operation and maintenance of rural and urban infrastructures, sanitation and drainage facilities, and environmental services in the local government and international development organizations. He has demonstrated capacity for building collaborative and professional relationships with the public, local government representatives, interest groups, consultants and commercial clients.
Dr. Bhuiyan is registered with APEGBC as a Professional Engineer and has been involved with different professional and community development organizations throughout his career. He served as the Vice Chair of APEGBC Vancouver Branch for the year 2013-2014 and as the Chair for the year 2014-2015. Dr. Bhuiyan has been sitting in the Nominating Committee of APEGBC for 2015-2016 and 2016-2017.

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