Sperling Hansen Associates

DAVID KVICK, M.Sc. - Engineering Assistant

Mr. Kvick is a graduate from the University of Linkoping, Sweden where he obtained research experience as a research engineer at the department of Water and Environmental Studies.  Mr. Kvick performed serveral long-term fermentation experiments, where the objective was to optimize the production of methane from nitrogen rich substrates.  Other duties also included assisting post-graduate students with various types of chemical analysis.  This enabled him to obtain experience, with a large number of instruments and analyzing techniques used at an environmental research lab.  Mr. Kvick's master thesis focused on the effects and biodegradation of Nonyl Phenols in forest soil. 

Mr. Kvick's role at Sperling Hansen has been engineering support, which have involved data analyzing, surveying, and water quality investigations.  The data analyzing have consisted of waste generation projections for several regions in the province and to investigate landfill gas utilization potential for a large landfill in BC.

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