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Dr. IQBAL HOSSAIN BHUIYAN, P.Eng  - Senior Environmental Engineer

Iqbal Bhuiyanís capabilities in SHA include landfill design, environmental impact assessment of landfill projects, economic and cost analyses of landfill projects, design and operational plans for landfills, design for leachate control, and landfill closure systems, design for leachate treatment systems and landfill gas modeling. He is also highly competent in various sewers, water and environment related packages and statistical tools such as SWMM, HELP, MODFLOW, phreeqC, and ArcView.

Dr. Bhuiyan has had extensive and varied experience of working with implementation, management, operation and maintenance of rural and urban infrastructures, sanitation and drainage facilities, and environmental services in the local government of Bangladesh and international development organizations. He has demonstrated capacity for building collaborative and professional relationship with public, local government politicians, interest groups, consultants and commercial clients. He also worked in several teams made of the representatives from different departments and organizations working in the local/provincial /federal government set-up and actively participated in the annual planning process. He has acquired knowledge and expertise on recent water and environmental literature, practices, methodologies, relevant legislation and regulatory regimes, and environmental issues related to solid waste, air quality and other environmental issues, water and sewer through academic research, courses and employment

Dr. Bhuiyan completed his bachelor degree in Civil Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, master degree in Hydrology and Water Resources from UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education at Delft, The Netherlands and doctoral degree in Pollution Control and Waste Management under the Department of Civil Engineering at University of British Columbia.

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