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ALI  R ABEDINI, Ph.D.c – Solid Waste Management Specialist, Landfill Gas and Management Expert

Ali Abedini received his B.Sc. (1999) in Civil Engineering from IUT (Isfahan University of Technology) and his M.Sc. (2003) in Environmental Engineering from the University of Tehran, thesis entitled “Feasibility Study of Municipal Solid Waste Recycling in Zanjan Province”.

He joined the Recycling Organization of the Municipality of Tehran as the head of research deputy and was soon appointed as the Manager of a World Bank funded project consisting of eight solid waste management projects within the framework of the Tehran’s Integrated Solid Waste Management Project, including (i) Landfill Preparation Study, (ii) Integrated Waste Management Strategy and Implementation Plan, (iii) Design of Waste Separation and Recycling in Transfer Station , (iv) Social Assessment Study, (v) Pilot for Health Care Waste Management in Tehran, (vi) Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Study for the Sanitary Landfill, (vii) EIA Study for the Waste Sorting Pilot Plant in Transfer Station and (viii) Kahrizak Landfill Gas Extraction Project (the first Carbon Fund and Landfill Gas extraction project in the country).

In 2005 Mr. Abedini joined the World Bank as an individual consultant (environmental safeguard policy specialist) and worked on several projects in Iran. In 2006 he joined the Department of Civil Engineering at UBC to pursue his PhD degree in the area of Solid Waste Management under supervision of Professor J. W. Atwater.

While pursuing his PhD on Advanced Landfill Gas Emissions Modeling, Mr. Abedini started his cooperating with SHA in 2008.

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